Welcome to New Mexico DarkSky

Founded in June 2023, we are a state chapter of DarkSky International. All members of DarkSky International in the state of New Mexico are chapter members. The activities of the chapter are managed by the State Council of the organization.

Vision: New Mexico DarkSky seeks to restore and preserve New Mexico’s ancestral heritage of majestic, star- filled skies and dark nighttime environments. We endeavor to eliminate light pollution throughout the State and protect all communities from its harmful effects, through advocacy, outreach, education, and conservation.

Mission: The Organization will strive to:

  • become the leading force for protecting New Mexico’s existing Dark Sky places and for eliminating light pollution throughout the State.
  • develop professional credibility with government, industry, and the public as the authoritative voice for outstanding, protective, and safe outdoor lighting policies.
  • bring the experience, expertise, and resources of DarkSky International to enhance and enrich our State-wide work.

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Contact us to request our Protect the New Mexico DarkSky brochure!





Contact us to request our Protect the New Mexico DarkSky brochure!