Materials for outreach events

  • Table
  • Banner for table
  • Chairs
  • Protect the New Mexico Night Sky brochures
  • Fact sheets for taping to table
  • Sheet for DarkSky approved fixtures and link
  • Sheet showing good and bad fixtures
  • Easel and poster for NM
  • Large images (e.g., Milky Way, dark and light views of sky)
  • Shade structure (as needed)
  • Banner for shade structure
  • sign up sheet for email addresses

Standard pitch / talking points

  • get their concerns
  • get them to sign signup sheet with email address
  • get them to join DarkSky International
  • critical importance of talking to others about the issue, even if just to say it’s important to you
    • friends and neighbors
    • retailers
    • local and state politicians
  • key points
    • don’t need to turn out lihgts, just need to put light where and when it is needed
    • five principles
  • useful terminology for talking with people
    • glare
    • light trespass

Frequently asked questions and appropriate responses

  • My neighbor has bright lights that bug me

  • There are city lights near my home that bug me